Please meet my Rabbits.

The Periwinkle Rabbit FamilyPeriwinkle1

Official names&bios

Father Alex Periwinkle, the Sylvanian signwriter, has to be incredibly patient when he is working, because one mistake and he has to start all over again. His biggest job to date was preparing the signs and banners for the House of Brambles Department Store.

Mother Kate Periwinkle helps her husband, Alex, with the design and use of colour in his work as well as looking after the family. She gets very annoyed with Alex because he is always forgetting to change into his old work clothes for work and comes home with different coloured paw prints all over his trousers. This causes lots and lots of washing and ironing which Kate has little time for, being a very busy lady!

Brother Oliver Periwinkle is very good at tennis. When his grandfather, Mack, told him that one day he might become the Sylvanian Open Tennis Champion, he thought that he was joking and said: “You cannot be serious”.

Sister Rebecca Periwinkle is an all-round athlete, playing rounders and hockey for the school and tennis with her brother, whom she just loves to beat. She is always hopping from one game to another.

The Cottontail Grey & White Rabbit FamilyCottontail

Leo ( My daughters favourite critter.) Look how much he has been loved!

leo2He came with this set shown above SFP2108  (photo from the internet)

Official names&bios

Father Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker, who takes great pride in his family and his work. He is such a skilled craftsman, everybody in Sylvania can recognise his furniture, because each piece looks just like a work of art.

Mother Sorrel Cottontail is a practical mother and homemaker, who spends all her spare time – which is not much! – decorating and improving the family’s beautiful home. A great D.I.Y. expert is Sorrel!

Sister Willow Cottontail is always up to something. Her father says she should have been called Wild not Willow! Whether up a tree or down a hole, she’s always in trouble. But all it takes is a winning smile and a peck on his cheek, to get her back into his good books.

Baby Brother (yellow) Charlie Cottontail likes to play in the water. He gets exited splashing water everywhere when he goes to the pool or a small stream. He doesn’t have to worry though because his mother Sorrel washes his clothes straight away. He loves shower time, and always dashes playfully to the bathroom when it’s his turn.

 Leo (blue baby) goes train trip Oto Leo. Mały króliczek, który całymi dniami jeździ pociągiem. Uwielbia wozić swoich przyjaciół na dalekie wycieczki i organizować im pikniki. Serwuje różne pyszności i słodkości. A potem znów wsiada w pociąg i mknie z powrotem do domu. Dziś chce zostać kolejarzem. Ciekawe czy w przyszłości zrealizuje swoje dziecięce marzenia?


The Chocolate Rabbit FamilyChocolate

Chocolate baby

Official names&bios

Crème Chocolate loves bedtime. When it comes to time to say night-night, Crème rushes up stairs (with little help from mummy) and eagerly awaits her bedtime story! Such a goodl little girl! (Set: Rabbit Baby at Home with Crème Chocolate.)

The Dappledawn Rabbit Family


Father Herbage, mother Theodora, brother Radish & sister Tilly Dappledawn.