Please meet my Sylvanian mice.

The Thistlethorn Family

This is probably my favourite Sylvanian family. I bought them in a ‘played with’ condition. I love their smiling faces and that spark in their eyes. The beautiful shade of gray. The nostalgia of vintage. Some of them might be even 30 years old and are still in a very good condition.


Thistlethorns4a (2)

The babies came to me without original clothes, so I made them outfits.

And below is my custom Grandma Thistlethorn. I saw this version of Willow on an auction wearing that scarf ( not originally hers), and I had to get her for my village. I made the glasses.



I am now thinking about getting a Thistlethorn Grandfather. He could be looking like the one from Candy Mulberry’s photo below. It is a custom Thistlethorn owned by Candy Mulberry, in an aviator outfit from Grandmas Originals. I find him super cute and inspiring, and would like to copy that idea one day. This job suits him so well!

Thistlethorn pilot
Photo Thanks to Candy Mulberry


Originally, the Thistlethorns were released in 1986/7 in Japan, and as one of the original 6 families in the UK in 1987. They have had some more recent releases, including a flocked tailed/open handed version.

The Maces Mice family

Maces myszki (2a)

Maces Mice were the very first family I bought for my daughter years ago. They have been happily played with for years.


Twitch Hazelwood

One of my Captain’s Seadog Motley Crew. He lost his pants on the sea. ( Had many adventures). None of my sailors, including the captain, has his original pants on them. Mysterious affair.