A Miniature Village In Sylvania



Tiny puffy briefs for my Sylvanian baby mouse- tutorial

This is a short photo- tutorial for the little bloomers, which match the little dress I made yesterday (link). Generally, the idea is to make briefs which are too big, and then add some elastic to make them crease and... Continue Reading →


Tiny custom dress for my Sylvanian baby mouse- tutorial

I made a tiny outfit for one of my Thistlethorn mouse babies. Please note, that I am a beginning amateur and my sewing is not perfect. I managed to make a pattern for this dress, so maybe someone will find... Continue Reading →

Custom miniature jam jars for my Sylvanians- tutorial

I would like to share my first attempt at making miniature jam jars for my Sylvanians. I found it tricky at times. This will be a step-by-step report. First, you need to make a 'glass' jar out of plastic.  I... Continue Reading →

Custom miniature cupboard for my Sylvanians- tutorial

This is the first miniature cupboard I made myself. It is inspired  by a Sylvanian cupboard, which I like very much. I really wanted my Sylvanians to have a cupboard with a curved top and a cosy, wooden feel to... Continue Reading →

Miniature cupboard door knobs tutorial

This is a short description of how I made little doorknobs for my first miniature cupboard. I took a little black plastic bead and a thin wire I had at home. I am not sure what kind it was- maybe... Continue Reading →

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