A Miniature Village In Sylvania

Custom miniature cupboard for my Sylvanians- tutorial

This is the first miniature cupboard I made myself. It is inspired  by a Sylvanian cupboard, which I like very much. I really wanted my Sylvanians to have a cupboard with a curved top and a cosy, wooden feel to... Continue Reading →


Miniature cupboard door knobs tutorial

This is a short description of how I made little doorknobs for my first miniature cupboard. I took a little black plastic bead and a thin wire I had at home. I am not sure what kind it was- maybe... Continue Reading →

My first visit to Sylvanian Families Shop (February 2017)

I will try to describe my experience, which is considered to be every sylvanian fan's dream. I went to Sylvanian Storekeepers Shop in London! I knew I would only have limited time and money to spend. Luckily I did not... Continue Reading →

Lola in London

On a cold day on 13th February Lola left home and started her bold journey. It was -7 (7 below zero) degrees Celsius in Warsaw. Nobody at the Warsaw Okęcie Airport took notice of the small elephant travelling with her... Continue Reading →

Someone is getting ready for a trip...

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