A Miniature Village In Sylvania

My Sylvanian Mice

Please meet my Sylvanian mice. The Thistlethorn Family This is probably my favourite Sylvanian family. I bought them in a 'played with' condition. I love their smiling faces and that spark in their eyes. The beautiful shade of gray. The... Continue Reading →


Freya in Łowicz (Corpus Christi 2017)

Once again this is a case when my Sylvanian hobby inspired me to spend a fantastic time with my family traveling and enjoying the beauty and diversity of the world around us. After finishing my last project - the miniature... Continue Reading →

My Sylvanian Cats

Please meet my Sylvanian Cats. The Macavity Cat Family This was my daughters favourite family ( of the few families she had). She used to dress Dad Macavity in Maces Mouse Mum's dress and put white bath head wrap on... Continue Reading →

Lola in Krakow (May 2017) Following the legends.

Why haven't I visited Krakow sooner with my children? I have wanted to take my children to Krakow for quite a while, since they have reached the age when they can appreciate real sightseeing and would not be bored by... Continue Reading →

Tiny puffy briefs for my Sylvanian baby mouse- tutorial

This is a short photo- tutorial for the little bloomers, which match the little dress I made yesterday (link). Generally, the idea is to make briefs which are too big, and then add some elastic to make them crease and... Continue Reading →

Tiny custom dress for my Sylvanian baby mouse- tutorial

I made a tiny outfit for one of my Thistlethorn mouse babies. Please note, that I am a beginning amateur and my sewing is not perfect. I managed to make a pattern for this dress, so maybe someone will find... Continue Reading →

My Sylvanian Rabbits

Please meet my Rabbits. The Periwinkle Rabbit Family Official names&bios Father Alex Periwinkle, the Sylvanian signwriter, has to be incredibly patient when he is working, because one mistake and he has to start all over again. His biggest job to... Continue Reading →

My Sylvanian Squirrels

This is the first entry for 'My Collection' page. Please, meet my Squirrels. In my Sylvanian village Periwinkleton, all squirrels live as one family, who I call 'Squirrel Family'. Officialy, it consists of the Walnut Family, and two children from... Continue Reading →

Custom miniature jam jars for my Sylvanians- tutorial

I would like to share my first attempt at making miniature jam jars for my Sylvanians. I found it tricky at times. This will be a step-by-step report. First, you need to make a 'glass' jar out of plastic.  I... Continue Reading →

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